Background guide update

We hope you’re enjoying the holidays. We’ve updated a few of our committees’ background guides for FHSMUN 36.

We are striving to post the remaining guides as soon as possible. Thanks for your support!

Conference registration is open

Hello delegates and advisers!

Registration for all FHSMUN conferences is now open! That includes FHSMUN Tampa Bay, FHSMUN Sarasota, FMSMUN and our flagship FHSMUN conference.

To register, simply visit the homepage for any of our conferences, or contact Mr. Brian Sutliff at

Thank you for your continued support of FHSMUN, Inc., and our conferences.

FHSMUN on YouTube

This year, our committee directors for FHSMUN 34 are recording video messages to delegates in order to help them along in their research ahead of the conference. These videos are being posted on each committee’s homepage, as well as on our new YouTube channel. We encourage you to visit to see our videos — let us know what you think!