FHSMUN | Fellows Program

The FHSMUN Fellows program is a newly developed initiative aimed at providing high school students an opportunity to engage in non-profit work, and explore their interests in Model UN. 

Founded in 2022, the program will begin with three students from different high schools who will be tasked with advancing FHSMUN, Inc. goals of raising awareness on international issues. Their work will be published on our website and social media as they complete their projects. 

The students have an option of exploring their interests through two different tracks: a social media and research fellowship. Their work includes writing monthly articles based on a particular interest, developing and curating social media posts, and more. For their efforts, FHSMUN Fellows are recognized at FHSMUN Flagship, gain firsthand experience working with industry professionals, volunteer hours approval, and letter of recommendation if requested. 

The 2022-2023 FHSMUN Fellows are:

Preena Premdev

Earth Hour

Lindsey Millis

Emily Dorman

Articles written by the fellow will be published in their respective profile.