About Us

FHSMUN is an academic organization committed to instructing students in global affairs and international issues, and providing our students with the means to resolve these global issues by encouraging a holistic understanding of the United Nations’ work.

FHSMUN Academics trains our staff to work with middle and high school students by providing an inclusive learning environment to our students, especially by publishing factual and easy-to-access information.

FHSMUN is the premier Model UN organization serving our community in the greater Southeast United States and beyond. We strive to provide educational opportunities for our students, schools, and staff to become well-informed global citizens.

  • We are committed to excellence, and academic rigor in all our work and events.
  • We facilitate holistic learning in our community by cultivating and refining skills in:
    • debate,
    • public speaking,
    • collaborative work environments,
    • professional writing, and
    • research.
  • We promote belonging, equity, and inclusion by raising awareness and stimulating discussion about global topics.
  • We serve our community by fostering:
    • partnerships and professional development for our FHSMUN community,
    • long term organizational sustainability, and
    • a meaningful social impact.
  • We set the standard for model United Nations organizations in our community.

We distinguish ourselves by teaching the craft of debate and diplomacy in the context of real world affairs through rigorous academic preparation and prioritizing student engagement.