FHSMUN Board of Directors

The Florida High Schools Model United Nations, Inc. Board of Directors currently consists of:

Merin Thomas
Secretary General for FHSMUN 43
Merin Thomas is a medical student at Nova Southeastern University (D.O., ’24). She is a graduate of Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law (MS in Law, ’20) and the University of Florida (B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies, ’19). Merin was a delegate to FHSMUN for three years before joining as a staff member in 2015. She served as Secretary-General for FHSMUN 42 and continues to serve in that role for FHSMUN 43.

Asvin Srinivasan
Chairman of the Board
Asvin Srinivasan has been involved with FHSMUN for over 20 years serving in a number of roles including Secretary General and Executive Director. His current contributions include development of committee background guides for FHSMUN and serving as a director at several regional FHSMUN conferences. He is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MBA; MS, Electrical Engineering) and University of Florida (BS ’03, Electrical Engineering). Mr. Srinivasan currently lives in Boston where he works on healthcare technology applications.

Sasha Ahles
Executive Director
Director of Adviser and School Relations
Sasha Ahles has been with FHSMUN for over 10 years, having served in almost every role. She is a graduate of Eckerd College (BA ’12, International Business and Spanish). Prior to coming to FHSMUN staff in 2008, she participated as a high school delegate for two years. She was elected to the Board in 2017.
Outside of her role with FHSMUN, Sasha is a Salon Development Manager, Educator and Master Hair Stylist at J.CON Salon and Spa in the Tampa Bay Area – as well as a proud mother.

Natasha Tate
Director of Technology Services
Natasha Tate is a graduate of University of Central Florida (BA ’13, Anthropology) and Boston University (MS ’17, Computer Information Systems sub-specializing in Health Informatics). Prior to joining FHSMUN staff in 2009 she participated as a high school delegate for two years. She was elected to the Board in 2019.

Bryce Tapp
Board Member
Bryce Tapp is a student at Yale Divinity School (M.A.R. Liturgical Studies, ‘22) and is a graduate of the University of South Florida & the Judy Genshaft Honors College (B.A. International Studies, ‘19). Bryce joined FHSMUN as a staff member in 2016 after four years as a high school delegate. He was elected to the board in 2019 and voted in as Academic Director in 2020.

Brian Sutliff
Board Member
Brian Sutliff is a graduate of New College of Florida, the state’s Honors College (BA ’97, History and International Relations), and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (MA ’10, Educational Policy Studies). Brian currently teaches 8th grade Spanish and Global Perspectives at Sarasota School of Arts and Sciences (SSA+S).

Grant Lewis
Board Member
Grant Lewis is a graduate of Vanderbilt University (BA ’13, The American Political Process). He was a four year delegate to FHSMUN and after a brief hiatus, returned as staff in 2014.

Maryana Curci
Board Member
Maryana Curci graduated from Florida State University (B.S. ’18, Political Science) and is a current law student at Florida State University College of Law (J.D. ’22). After participating at FHSMUN for four years as a delegate, she joined as a staff member in 2016 before going on to serve as the Secretary-General for FHSMUN 40 and FHSMUN 41. Maryana was elected to the Board in 2020.

Sonny Russano
Director of Academics

Alison Bowman
Board Member

John Robson
Board Member and Legal Counsel

Sierra Early
Board Member

Last updated: 9 July 2020