Committee Rating

FHSMUN’s United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) is appropriate for all delegates. This committee will focus on issues impacting children’s rights and education around the world.

UNICEF Membership

Membership is limited to the following countries: Afghanistan, Angola, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Germany, Islamic Republic of Iran, Japan, Liberia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Sierra Leone, Singapore, South Sudan, United Kingdom, and Uruguay.


Academic Note: This committee utilizes a revised version of the FHSMUN background guide. This revised version has two components, a committee brief and a resource review. The committee brief introduces and provides a UN-policy overview of the topic; it also proposes areas of discussion for the committee. The resource review evaluates resources, primarily UN documents, in an annotated bibliography format; delegates are encouraged to incorporate these resources, when relevant, into their position papers. As with a standard background guide, the entirety of this document should be read as the minimum required preparation for committee.